Hollywood Actresses on Double Standards and Sexism

A number of famous women sit down and discuss some of the treatment they’ve received from fans over the years. Mindy Kaling in particular is hilarious and amazing as always!


The Daily Show; #ChangeTheName

The Daily Show once again takes on the Washington NFL team and their decision to cling to a dictionary defined racial slur in the name of honouring Natives. (aka profit, it’s clear the organization does not give two hoots about Indigenous folks and our communities.)
Laughed out loud so hard, definitely worth a watch the whole way through!


‘Ray Rice Makeup Tutorial’

To be perfectly honest, I have seen this video making the rounds the past few days and have purposefully been avoiding it after the particularly triggering remake of a recent Baltimore Ravens themed Cover Girl ad made the rounds with a similar headline depicting the model with a badly battered face.
That being said, today I finally checked it out and I’m glad I did. I appreciate the sarcasm and humour that comedienne Megan MacKay brings to the video and the additional links and resources provided. We can do better.


Rethinking Homelessness

I want to stress most importantly of all that we are all human beings deserving of the same respect and rights and dignity regardless of how or why we are where we are in our lives.

That being said, I liked this video for highlighting the idea that we need to re-evaluate the way we think about homelessness and poverty in our culture. Imagine what we as a society could be capable of if we supported and empowered each other?

Cardboard Stories – Homeless in Orlando