We Need To Talk About Women Who Regret Motherhood

Excellent piece to start conversation around motherhood and expectations, of womyn in particular.

“This is why speaking frankly about motherhood matters, and why support matters, because what any one woman cannot summon can be summoned by the village, if it exists. And what matters even more than that is giving women the resources to cope with whatever their experience is, and the space to sort through the complex feelings that accompany it, a way for a woman to be a mother and still human, still flawed, still something other than merely an endless vessel of giving. Because as in everything, what we think we “want” is but a sliver of the picture.”

Read it in full with links to first hand experiences HERE. I thought the shares were very honest and brave, very necessary to the conversation as I am SURE these womyn are not alone in their feelings and experiences.

10 Billion Lives

Factory farming is a cruel and unnecessary practice. Take four minutes to watch this brief overview of FF.

If you can’t make it through, ask yourself WHY you are still animals and animal products? There are definite challenges, but it can be done!


10 Billion Lives


Consider fasting with us on October 2nd, WORLD DAY FOR FARMED ANIMALS, to raise awareness and please also consider cutting back on (or eliminating) the amount of meat and animal products you consume.


**********EDIT*********** So excited to see the 100 billion lives truck out at Riot Fest Toronto on the weekend! High five for increased visibility! (in the row of food trucks no less! Awesome!)

Ubuntu – Sage Francis

Ubuntu – What’s good for me is good for you

“I’ve seen townships stand proud in the freeze-frame of a motion picture
I’ve seen kids risk exposing themselves to a social stigma
In the name of breaking patterns and cycles of ignorance
Hearts full of hope, eyes full of innocence
These are heros. Now I call to the heads of State
Recognize greatness when it’s in your face”

This really takes me back to Ghana. It’s so hard to articulate this kind of experience.

A Light That Never Comes

“When I was young they told me, they said
Make your bed, you lie in that bed
A king can only reign ’til instead
There comes that day, it’s “off with his head”

And I told them: nah you don’t know me
Lightning above and a fire below me
You cannot catch me, you cannot hold me
You cannot stop much less control me

Night gets darkest right before dawn
What doesn’t kill you makes you more strong
And I’ve been waiting for it so long”

Rape Culture is Everywhere – Watch The Most Popular Sitcoms Prove It

Rape Culture is Everywhere – Watch The Most Popular Sitcoms Prove It


I LOVE Modern Family, but I remember that episode well and had the same sigh worthy reaction when Phil says his line. It’s not the ‘severity’ of the jokes that’s the issue, it’s how these experiences become devalued and normalized, leading rapists to honestly believe they have done nothing wrong (Steubenville, for example).

“these jokes make the person on the receiving end more likely to blame the victim, fail to take rape seriously and support lower sentences for rapists. Research also finds that this trend is only magnified for men who already display sexist beliefs.”