Tim Wise On Ferguson: Most White Americans Are Completely Oblivious

“…a disturbing number of whites manifest something of a repetitive motion disorder—a reflex nearly as automatic as the one that leads so many police (or wanna-be police) to fire their weapons at black men in the first place. It is a reflex to rationalize the event, defend the shooter, trash the dead with blatantly racist rhetoric and imagery, and then deny that the incident or one’s own response to it had anything to do with race.

Reflex: To deny that there was anything racial about sending around those phony pictures claimed to be of Mike Brown posing with a gun, or the one passed off as Darren Wilson in a hospital bed with his orbital socket blown out.

Reflex: To deny that there was anything racial about how quickly those pictures were believed to be genuine by so many who distributed them on social media, even when they weren’t, and how difficult it is for some to discern the difference between one black man and another.

Reflex: To deny that there was anything racial about how rapidly many bought the story that Wilson had been attacked and bloodied, even as video showed him calmly standing at the scene of the shooting without injury, and even as the preliminary report on the incident made no mention of any injuries to Officer Wilson, and even as Wilson apparently has a history of power-tripping belligerence towards those with whom he interacts, and a propensity to distort the details of those encounters as well.

Reflex: To deny that there was anything racial about Cardinals fans taunting peaceful protesters who gathered outside a playoff game to raise the issue of Brown’s death, by calling them crackheads or telling them that it was only because of whites that blacks have any freedoms at all, or that they should “get jobs” or “pull up their pants,” or go back to Africa.

Reflex: To deny that there was anything racial about sending money to Darren Wilson’s defense fund and then explaining one’s donation by saying what a service the officer had performed by removing a “savage” like Brown from the community, or by referring to Wilson’s actions as “animal control.”

Reflex: To deny that there was anything racial about reaction to evidence of weed in Brown’s lifeless body, as with Trayvon’s before him, even though whites use drugs at the same rate as blacks, but rarely have that fact offered up as a reason for why we might deserve to be shot by police.

Reflex: To deny that there was anything racial behind the belief that the head of the Missouri Highway Patrol, brought in to calm tensions in Ferguson, was throwing up gang signs on camera, when actually, it was a hand sign for the black fraternity of which that officer is a member; and to deny that there is anything racial about one’s stunning ignorance as to the difference between those two things.

Reflex: To deny that there’s anything at all racial about the way that even black victims of violence—like Brown, like Trayvon Martin, and dozens of others—are often spoken of more judgmentally than even the most horrific of white perpetrators, the latter of whom are regularly referred to as having been nice, and quiet, and smart, and hardly the type to kill a dozen people, or cut them into little pieces, or eat their flesh after storing it in the freezer for several weeks.
And the fact that white people don’t know this history, have never been required to learn it, and can be considered even remotely informed citizens without knowing it, explains a lot about what’s wrong with America.”

This is definitely worth a read all the way through. Feel piece HERE


NYC Teachers Wear Shirts To Work In Protest

Ugh, regardless of how you feel, public school is NOT the place

” Critics of the teachers’ protest pointed out that a teacher wearing a pro-police shirt to a classroom full of public school children might send kids who had been victimized or seen victimization by police the message that what teachers really mean by the shirts is fuck you. And so, on Wednesday night, teachers at schools where the protest had gotten legs were told by a union rep via email that teachers should aim to wear neutral clothing that doesn’t support one political side or another, and that continuing to wear the NYPD shirts to work could result in punishment for the teachers.”

Full piece HERE

Police Department Shuts Down After Settling Two Federal Lawsuits

The point Marion police department was forced to shut it’s doors after settling two lawsuits against it’s officers, as it can no longer afford police liability insurance.

One of two officers in the country was relocated twice before after violating civilians while on the job in other jurisdictions. Gross. Point Marion claims they had no idea about past accusations against the officer. WTF??

HERE is full video

4 Dead Unarmed Men and The Police; What You Need to Know

Eric Garner
Michael Brown
Ezell Ford
John Crawford III

Do you know these names?? You should. All 4 were unarmed and have been killed by police since July 2014.

Teens Create Accountability App After Police Killing of Mike Brown

Three teens (brother and two sisters) have created an app called ‘Five-O’ in the hopes of seeing more transparency in law enforcement. Great idea! Ima (16), Asha (15) and Caleb (14) Christian are my heels for taking action!

“We’d like to know which regions in the U.S. provide horrible law enforcement services as well as highlight the agencies that are highly rated by their citizens,” Ima Christian explained. “In addition to putting more power into the hands of citizens when interacting with law enforcement, we believe that highly rated police departments should be used as models for those that fail at providing quality law enforcement services.”

Watch their full interview HERE

The Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Peaceful Students Will Receive $38,056 for Emotional Suffering


I am honestly in tears watching fellow students step in and literally COVER FELLOW PROTESTERS WITH THEIR OWN BODIES after they’ve been doused in pepper spray and are being physically dragged away from each other. While another officer actually squats down to get a better angle to douse the faces of students trying to cover themselves with their shoulders and sleeves (remember, all the students have linked arms, they are essentially defenseless to begin with…)

What were they protesting, you ask? Corporatism and STATE VIOLENCE.

Maybe you suffer emotionally because you feel guilt and regret over abusing your position of power and authority to unnecessarily (and unlawfully) physically harm a group of students?? Maybe you need to deal with the consequences of the choice YOU have made!

Full Video HERE




*edit** while I understand that some have opposing viewpoints on this situation and that this is the result of a situation escalating, and that by enclosing the police (who were enclosed around protesters they’d detained) LEGALLY certain force was warranted (although clearly not to this degree or this officer wouldn’t have been discharged from his position after 8 months paid leave during the investigation).
Here’s a novel idea, what if not all laws were just? What if ‘doing your job’ and upholding the law was actually inflicting pain and further oppression onto your community? These videos are startling, but this is where we are headed. The people will rise up and be heard!

Innocent Man Forcibly Searched After Rolling Through A Stop Sign

Innocent Man Forcibly Searched After Rolling Through A Stop Sign


“While stopped, Eckert was required to exit the vehicle by police officers intent on searching his car. Police claimed that a dog told them that Eckert’s seat smelled like narcotics and claimed that his butt cheeks appeared to be clenched.

Eager to get an arrest, police conspired to search Eckert’s anus for contraband. They took him into custody and got a judge to stamp out a search warrant for Eckert’s intestines.”

Even after being refused at a local hospital, 14 hours later Mr. Eckert’s rights and body have been severely violated. How does something like this happen? And of course, absolutely nothing found in his possession. And to add insult to injury the joke of a medical institution that facilitated this atrocity is now charging him $6000 in medical bills for this assault and they are threatening him with collections if HE doesn’t pay. What can we do about this? What can be done to support this man and others who experience similar abuses?