Walking With Our Sisters – Vamps

I know I’ve posted about WWOS before, and this likely will not be the last time either. Such an incredible project, from the hand beaded vamps and beading groups formed all across turtle island, to the beautiful songs composed by community for this project, to the symbolism of each and every aspect, this is truly a historical event.

Please check out the individually featured vamps on their website. Each and every one is phenomenal and important.

Check them all out HERE

CBC-Aboriginals and Alcohol – Not a Genetic Predisposition (well DUH!)

This showed up on my news feed today
I can’t believe this is even something worth writing about! Headline should read, “racist assholes continue attempted assimilation of native peoples through oppressive stereotypes and myths.” GAH!

Honestly, if you thought ‘Native North Americans’ had a ‘genetic intolerance to alcohol’ you need to do some serious reflecting and soul searching because that’s IGNORANT and RACIST GARBAGE! Give your damn heads a shake…

Don’t Be Tricked – MMIW

Great piece on the illusion of safety and ‘swallowing the pill’ so to speak of colonization and assimilation.

“If you are an Indigenous woman, don’t be tricked into thinking you are any more safe than any of our other sisters out there. You’re not. The system and most Canadians don’t give a shit about you, how strong and talented you are, how hard you’ve worked, or where you live. If you are an Indigenous woman, you are a prime target for colonial violence.”

Don’t be tricked.