How Sexism Hurts Men

… but that’s not the same as men experiencing sexism.

Laci Green explains HERE


Guante: Action

Spoken Word piece on rape culture and men’s responsibility, phenomenal. Imagine the difference these conversations could make? So powerful
..”you tell me that she never said no, that you’re sorry, that you’re not a bad guy…
Rape culture is silence, is being able to see the future and not doing anything about it, it is believing the fairy tale platitude that there are good people and bad people and that as long as you’re not one of the bad people your job is done, your conscience is clear, it is all of us swimming through the same polluted waters of beer commercials, policing masculinity, and stand up comedians making rape jokes to sound edgy, and media talking heads blaming the victim and music portraying women as disposable sex objects, it is language encouraging us to think of sex as violence, FUCK, HIT, BANG, SMASH, it is telling our daughters to dress sensibly and not walk alone at night and telling our sons…it is a conversation that never happened.”

Emma Watson’s UN Speech on Gender Equality

“Men, gender equality is your issue too.”



Bisexuality; Myths VS Facts

So this woman (Scarlet Saint as per her YouTube account) sums up so perfectly what it means to be bisexual. She eloquently debunks some of the most common myths (as ridiculous as they may seem) and does a great job of articulating the struggles faced in the bi community.


Five Things Guys Need To Stop Doing To Girls

Listen up fellas, this guy knows what’s good!

1) treating women like objects
2) calling women hot
3) not respecting her wishes
4) the blame game


Gendered Marketing

Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge examine the issue of market segmentation by gender



If Men Were Women

Interesting video. I found the last scene particularly powerful

If men were women