White Lady Drives Mercedes To Pick Up Food Stamps; Chaos Ensues

Excellent read on our judgments surrounding poverty and how fucked up they are

“In other words, we want you to look poor if we are going to help you, whatever poor means to us. Make us feel bad for you. C’mon. Nevermind that people of means blow their money on objects and experiences well beyond their actual income and have the luxury of hiding behind debt, but there is somehow the sense that if we can’t see the shell game going on behind it, you have earned the right to present yourself as better off than you are whether it’s true or not.

Is there a formula for being deserving of nice things? Do you actually believe that everyone who is rich earned their wealth, or have you just been confused by an invisible system of networks, bridges, opportunity, hand-holding, inheritances, staggering debt, and even outright criminality in some cases behind it?”

Read the whole thing in full HERE

“Skank Flanks” – Another Way To Disapprove of Womyn’s Bodies

What the everloving FUCK?!

I can relate to the authors point about not even considering lower back tattoos when I was younger because I didn’t want to deal with the judgmental ‘tramp stamp’ bs that came with one.
Fuck you! It’s my body and I’ll adorn it however the fuck I damn well please, thank you very much!!!

31 Womyn Show Us The Right Way To Respond To Common Excuses for Rape

These are all amazing, and ALL true.

Some of my favorites are, “Why does alcohal excuse his actions but condemn mine?” and “Do I have the right to shove pizza down your throat just because you enjoy eating pizza?”