Everyone Calls Themselves An Ally, Until It’s Time To Do Some Real Ally Shit

Another great piece detailing ways to work as an ally (VERB) with communities in which you have privilege.

“Fact: you are the children and grandchildren of oppressed people who seen our lands as means to escape their own oppressive imperialistic leaders. They came and they used racism and religion as the catalyst for the wholesale slaughter of the native peoples. There is a responsibility in this knowledge to do something. More than acknowledgement and more than rallies or marches. Real tangible ways to create meaningful relationships to us and to the land is what the next step in our struggle is.”

GREAT list, in full HERE

4 Ways White People Can Work for Indigenous Justice

From truth telling to land return, check out this list of ways to act as an ally to Indigenous communities.

Full list HERE

Mountie Arrests Woman Then Releases Her Into His Own Custody

Couldn’t have said it better myself;

“How is taking a Aboriginal woman who is intoxicated to your home after arresting her as a RCMP officer the start of a “relationship”? Not only is the act horrifying, but the reporting on this shows such a lack of understanding of rape culture – where is the conversation of consent? of power? Come on CBC do better.” – Farrah Khan

Full piece HERE 

The Daily Show; #ChangeTheName

The Daily Show once again takes on the Washington NFL team and their decision to cling to a dictionary defined racial slur in the name of honouring Natives. (aka profit, it’s clear the organization does not give two hoots about Indigenous folks and our communities.)
Laughed out loud so hard, definitely worth a watch the whole way through!


Can The Courts Force This Six Nations Child Back Into Chemo?

Some will remember this family in particular from a few months ago when they won their battle to treat their child with traditional medicines and practices and to forgo western chemo treatments at McMaster. Now they are facing another battle with courts, McMaster and CAS to return their daughter to chemo.

More details HERE

Rhymes for Young Ghouls Opening in Toronto

Rhymes for Young Ghouls Opening in Toronto

My partner and I just snagged two tickets to the show! I’m SO excited! We had tickets to see this film when ImagiNATIVE came through the city in the fall but I ended up in the hospital on the night of the screening so you can imagine how elated I was to hear we would have a second chance to check it out!
C’mon out on Friday if you’re available! Yonge and Dundas Square Cineplex, with a Q&A after the screening ­čÖé

Fetching Water

Fetching Water

“Only once you have carried your own water will you learn the value of every drop”
So thankful for my experience in Ghana, and this was a big part of it for me. Realizing how much I had taken for granted my relationship with water, and even with our mother earth. It’s a new relationship when you treat the water as the precious gift that it is.

Pipeline Map: Have there been any incidents near you?

Pipeline Map: Have there been any incidents near you?

An interactive map of Canada showing all incidents relating to pipelines reported to The National Energy Board in the last 12 years.

“Through an access-to-information request, CBC News obtained a data set of every pipeline safety incident reported to the federal regulator in the past 12 years.┬áThe documents reveal details about more than 1,000 incidents that have happened across the country since 2000 until late 2012 and suggest the┬árate of overall incidents has doubled in the past decade.”