Everyone Calls Themselves An Ally, Until It’s Time To Do Some Real Ally Shit

Another great piece detailing ways to work as an ally (VERB) with communities in which you have privilege.

“Fact: you are the children and grandchildren of oppressed people who seen our lands as means to escape their own oppressive imperialistic leaders. They came and they used racism and religion as the catalyst for the wholesale slaughter of the native peoples. There is a responsibility in this knowledge to do something. More than acknowledgement and more than rallies or marches. Real tangible ways to create meaningful relationships to us and to the land is what the next step in our struggle is.”

GREAT list, in full HERE


NO ONE Deserves To Go Hungry

It’s as simple as that

In 2011 Ben started the food recovery network and now 3 years later businesses can become ‘food recovery certified’. What an awesome, important program. And I’m personally inspired by someone who saw a need and worked to change it

Passion+action=CHANGE 💜