How Sexism Hurts Men

… but that’s not the same as men experiencing sexism.

Laci Green explains HERE


Tyra Banks Shuts Down Homophobic Comments on ANTM

When a contestant makes a comment about how his friends back home will treat him if he’s beaten by a ‘man wearing heels’ in the competition, Tyra wastes no time calling it out.

Full video compilation HERE

Wealth Segregated Condo in NYC

I can actually feel my heart breaking…
NYC condo being developed will include 55 units marked for low income renters, leaving over 150 at market value. There will be a separate back alley entrance for the 55 renters with the audacity to exist in a world where your value can be equated with dollar signs.
I can’t even right now…

“In these economically fraught times, it’s easy to forget that the super rich earned their right to never see you, hear you, smell you, or consider your pitiful existence. Expecting them to share an entrance would be unfair.”