The Nightmare Before Christmas is Actually About Cultural Appropriation

I have seen this movie a thousand times and this had never occurred to me, but it makes SO much sense!

” From there we start to really see cultural appropriation come into play. The entirety of the “Making Christmas” montage highlights how one culture can cheapen another’s through careless imitation. They’re doing the standard making of the presents, wrapping the gifts, and getting the sleigh ready, but they’re “improving” it all by making it scary and gory. The similarities to fashion companies faking traditional tribal designs (but twisting them to be trendy) are apt. There’s a sense of entitlement here; entitlement and arrogance. The only person in town who questions all of it is Sally. Even though she’s nervous around the man she has feelings for, Sally tries her best to reason with Jack, but he doesn’t listen to her warnings.”

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Offensive Halloween Costumes Won’t Pass at McGill!

KUDOS TO MCGILL!!! This is great. For their annual 4floors party, the people at the door will be using a colour coded system to assess your costume. Green means you get in, red means you are turned away (see ya Pochahottie, GAH!) and yellow means they’re having trouble deciding so equity commissioners are brought in. That means that it’s up to five people to make the decision if they’re on the fence, this is not a heated, personal, individual decision.

I think this is AMAZING! How often are marginalized groups just told to ‘deal with it’? That this representation of their cultures and communities is nothing to get upset about, that they’re being too sensitive? Well, as someone whose family was shattered by the 60’s scoop I can tell you that the colonizers version of what makes an ‘indian’ has always been, and continues to be powerfully oppressive to us. I am so glad to see a Canadian University actually looking out for the health and well being of ALL it’s students, and taking a definitive stance on costumes like these. Clear message recieved!

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Music Festival Bans Headdresses


“Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us.”

Pharrell Wears a Headdress on Cover of Elle UK – Why His ‘Native Ancestry’ Is Irrelevant Here

“There’s no tribute in wearing the headdress on the cover of Elle UK, flanked by “The Secret Life of Keira Knightley” and “All Natural Hair: 23 Products to Try Now.” This is a spiritual item; on the cover of Elle UK it becomes secularized, trivialized, accessorized. Those who hold the headdress sacred might well say this is the opposite of a tribute.”

Pharrell Head Dress