Meet Rabbit and Bear Paws; Children’s Comic with Traditional Teachings

AWESOME series! Representation matters!

“Rabbit and Bear Paws, two brothers, are the main characters of a comic series set in 1750’s colonized North America. Using Traditional Native Teachings and humor, the stories are based on THE SEVEN FIRES PROPHECIES and THE SEVEN GRANDFATHERS. For those that don’t know The Seven Grandfather Teachings are: Courage, Wisdom, Honesty, Truth, Humility, Respect and Love.
“The characters will travel to different parts of the country, from coast to coast in new humorous adventures. In those adventures we will learn about the different cultures and the gifts that they contributed to modern society.”
The creators of the series also made puppets to go along with the comics. These puppets travel to pow wows, schools and other community gatherings to bring laughter and values to the kids.”

Check out more of the piece the did on the series HERE
nd also the Rabbit and Bear Paws site HERE

Charlie Hill Departs to the Spirit World

Haudenosaune/Cree actor Charlie Hill passed away early yesterday (Monday) morning following a lengthy battle with lymphoma. He was 62. May he have a safe journey to the spirit world.
Please enjoy some of the comedy and humour that made Charlie such a shining star.