4 Ways White People Can Work for Indigenous Justice

From truth telling to land return, check out this list of ways to act as an ally to Indigenous communities.

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Marie’s Dictionary

“In the United States (alone) more than 130 Native American languages are endangered. Several are on the verge of extinction with only a handful of fluent speakers remaining.”

This is Marie’s journey to preserve her language.

The History Of ‘Ten Little Indians’

“It appeared to be an innocent way to educate and stir young imagination through “comic” song was also a peculiar way of mental conditioning. The coded historical narratives, found in many children’s nursery rhymes, were to circulate an ideology that followed generations; intended to define Indians as “inferior” and “backward.” The song coupled the Anglo-constructed definition of “savage” with American Indian consciousness, but the ultimate legacy of this children’s nursery rhyme was the systematic murdering of Indians, leaving “One little Indian boy livin’ all alone”:

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The Daily Show; #ChangeTheName

The Daily Show once again takes on the Washington NFL team and their decision to cling to a dictionary defined racial slur in the name of honouring Natives. (aka profit, it’s clear the organization does not give two hoots about Indigenous folks and our communities.)
Laughed out loud so hard, definitely worth a watch the whole way through!


CBC-Aboriginals and Alcohol – Not a Genetic Predisposition (well DUH!)

This showed up on my news feed today
I can’t believe this is even something worth writing about! Headline should read, “racist assholes continue attempted assimilation of native peoples through oppressive stereotypes and myths.” GAH!

Honestly, if you thought ‘Native North Americans’ had a ‘genetic intolerance to alcohol’ you need to do some serious reflecting and soul searching because that’s IGNORANT and RACIST GARBAGE! Give your damn heads a shake…

The Indian Act – Teaching Apartheid in Canada

What if we taught learners that the Indian Act affects all of us?

This idea that one group of people, through a legislative process, can forcibly confine another group of people to pitiful land, trickle in barely enough resources to keep said people alive, and ultimately marginalize and demoralize generations to come, might seem like an un-Canadian experience. Images of South Africa, Gaza, ghettos in the United States or Brazil come to mind — where the undesirables are violently lumped together and left to dangle. Those who resist this practice are labelled rebels, extremists, or terrorists — as was Mandela.”

Onondaga Nation Says the U.S Violates Human Rights

via Colourlines

The Onondaga’s petition accuses the United States of violating human rights by stealing land and devastating the environment. If nothing else, the commission’s decision to accept the petition means that the Onondaga are being heard. That’s an incredibly important step for the Onondaga, who have long been wronged on their own land.”