The History Of ‘Ten Little Indians’

“It appeared to be an innocent way to educate and stir young imagination through “comic” song was also a peculiar way of mental conditioning. The coded historical narratives, found in many children’s nursery rhymes, were to circulate an ideology that followed generations; intended to define Indians as “inferior” and “backward.” The song coupled the Anglo-constructed definition of “savage” with American Indian consciousness, but the ultimate legacy of this children’s nursery rhyme was the systematic murdering of Indians, leaving “One little Indian boy livin’ all alone”:

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Why Resorts Are Problematic


via Kim Milan

“A resort is a neo-colonial extension of western capitalism, consumerism, and excess. It’s a space where stereotypical cultural pleasantries and north american amenities do a hell of a job of tricking people into thinking they are authentically experiencing and interacting with the “other”. I would trade away my bed being made with a chocolate kindly left on the pillow to not witness old white people slip into colonial nostalgia, calling grown ass male wait staff “Boy” and phrasing the beginning of requests with “fetch me”. I know the pina coladas and Jamaican sun got you open Susan but the pool boy doesn’t actually belong to you boo.”

– Kirsten Aza

31 Womyn Show Us The Right Way To Respond To Common Excuses for Rape

These are all amazing, and ALL true.

Some of my favorites are, “Why does alcohal excuse his actions but condemn mine?” and “Do I have the right to shove pizza down your throat just because you enjoy eating pizza?”



We Need to Talk Colonialism Before We Criticize International Anti LGTBQ Legislation

“standing up for our LGBTQ siblings’ rights also means acknowledging how we are culpable. We must stop pretending that we are ahead of the world when we talk about LGBTQ rights and democracy. If being “ahead” of other nations means that we export our hate instead of confronting it, we are not only backwards, but we are also hypocrites. We cannot call attention to other LGBTQ people’s voices if we only want to hear half of the story. Our struggles are not all the same, but they are definitely connected.”we need to talk about western influence…