Beyond Definition: On Queer Black Love and Kaleidoscope Identity

Kim Katrin Milan talking about her love with her new husband. Incredible femme woman, definitely one of my idols. The entire piece is beautiful, you should check it out HERE!

“On Being Femme

I have found the fullness in my femmeness because so many previous partners were threatened and unwilling to understand how powerful it is. While I helped them choose bow ties and blazers, I was critiqued for my pace in heels and the amount of makeup I wore. His embodiment of his masculinity makes more space for my femininity to be acknowledged as integral to my mental and emotional health. For the first time, my femininity feels essential and valuable.”

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat

This really struck a cord with me, I can relate so much. I can remember being barely 10 and watching a Richard Simmons informercial with my own mom and her ordering us each the food counter and video package, and I remember feeling relieved I would finally be thin and beautiful.
She never shamed (or praised) me for my ever fluctuating weight, but the way she viewed and treated herself absolutely helped shape my body image and relationship to food in a negative way.

Mom, you are beautiful

Stunning Time Lapse Video

Not sure quite why but time lapse in particular always gets me chocked up!

This is a video made by Rebecca Brown. She has trichotillomania, an impulse control disorder commonly associated with anxiety. She was diagnosed when she was 11.

Trichotillomania causes a compulsive need to pull out hair, Rebecca pulls from her head.

Love Is…(Holy Shit, I Have Cancer)

Love Is…(Holy Shit, I Have Cancer)

This is a very touching letter a young woman named Elana wrote soon after discovering that she has stage 4 cancer. As someone who has had some experience with hospitals and illness, I began this read a little bit jaded. I thought, that truly is lovely that her friends and schoolmates in the medical community have each individually stepped up to assist in her treatment and recovery. It is, and I don’t want to take away from that. But I also thought what incredible privilege this woman has to know so many powerful folks in positions to help her, this is not the case or experience for all who are admitted to hospital, or who contract an illness.
By the end all of my analysis had scattered in the wind. This piece is more than one woman’s experience, bigger than just her battle. It’s a brave and thoughtful reflection of her circumstance and her life, and I find it inspiring that this is the outlook she chooses to have. She recognizes her power and embraces it, and I am in awe of her strength.

This particular paragraph rang especially true for me after my last hospitalization…

“Love is when such a tragic event has shown me how many people out there care about me deeply and hold me in their hearts, showing their concern through visits, phone calls, texts, emails, messages through family, and heartfelt gifts. Ignorantly, I hadn’t before realized this was true.” —WOW, spot on!

10 Ways We Body Shame Each Other Without Knowing It

10 ways we might body shame without knowing it

These are some great points to be aware of. Complimenting someone on their weight loss was a big one for me. Do any stick out to you? Can you think of any others?
I think it’s great to share this and start a discussion. Lets help, not hurt each other!

5 Minutes of what the Media Actually Does to Womyn

Jane Kilbourne

“Turning a human being into a thing is almost always the first step towards justifying violence against that person”