Perdue and ‘Free Range’ Chicken? Think Again

When farmers under contract are coming forward it’s hard to deny that our horrific treatment of animals is out of control!


With 93% of the citizens of New Jersey supported the ban, so what exactly is your job Mr.Christie?

“He added: “Gov. Christie has proved himself an outlier on the issue of farm animal torture… This shameful veto shows cynical political calculation from the governor and an obvious submission to Iowa factory farmers, rather than leadership and humanity.”

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10 Billion Lives

Factory farming is a cruel and unnecessary practice. Take four minutes to watch this brief overview of FF.

If you can’t make it through, ask yourself WHY you are still animals and animal products? There are definite challenges, but it can be done!


10 Billion Lives


Consider fasting with us on October 2nd, WORLD DAY FOR FARMED ANIMALS, to raise awareness and please also consider cutting back on (or eliminating) the amount of meat and animal products you consume.


**********EDIT*********** So excited to see the 100 billion lives truck out at Riot Fest Toronto on the weekend! High five for increased visibility! (in the row of food trucks no less! Awesome!)