Hundreds Turn Their Back on Mayor at NYPD Officer’s Funeral

This situation is incredibly frustrating. It just further adds to the insurmountable pile of evidence that police as a system and institution need a total overhaul.
Mayor De Blasio supported the citizens right to legal and peaceful protest. He supports the NYPD but also wants to improve services (easy to forget policing is a public service) by addressing areas that can be improved, such as the handling of those presumed to be committing a crime, especially folks of colour.
This demonstration shows a lack of accountability and a lack of reflection. Zero ability to grow or see room for  improvement.
How does it make sense to give more gun power and carte Blanche to an organization that sees itself above the very laws it has SWORN TO UPHOLD AND PROTECT???

“The week before the shooting of Ramos and Liu, the PBA leader suggested police officers sign a petition demanding that the mayor not attend their funerals should they die on the job.” —->are you kidding me? Why is it so terrible to want the same rights and fairness for every citizen, not just those wearing a badge?

Story is HERE


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