Obama Declares November National Native American Heritage Month

” Every year, our Nation pauses to reflect on the profound ways the First Americans have shaped our country’s character and culture. The first stewards of our environment, early voices for the values that define our Nation, and models of government to our Founding Fathers — American Indians and Alaska Natives helped build the very fabric of America. Today, their spirit and many contributions continue to enrich our communities and strengthen our country. During National Native American Heritage Month, we honor their legacy, and we recommit to strengthening our nation-to-nation partnerships.

As we celebrate the rich traditions of the original peoples of what is now the United States, we cannot forget the long and unfortunate chapters of violence, discrimination, and deprivation they had to endure.”

Wonderful step forward, hopefully it’s sincere. Read the full statement HERE

6 thoughts on “Obama Declares November National Native American Heritage Month

    • If I’m reading your comment correctly I agree with you, Native American is not a label I personally would identify with either as it perpetuates the idea that we are somehow not the original people of this land.
      That being said, I still think it’s an important step to have the president make a declaration like this.

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