Western Privilege

This is a great list! Do you have any to add?

“Being able to recognize your privilege is the first step in fighting against oppression.
If you experience Western privilege, I strongly encourage you to push back against it. Educate yourself. Educate others. Listen to the oppressed. Think critically about the preconceived notions you have about other countries, and whether those ideas are oppressive.”

Western Privilege


3 thoughts on “Western Privilege

    • I don’t really like to use the terms ‘first’ and ‘third world’ either, to me they continue to enforce a hierarchy. Perhaps Global North and Global South?
      This list still rings true for most of Turtle Island (North America).

      • You’re right, “1st” and “3rd” world terms are f*ucked up, but more precise to me than western/eastern and global north/south. Better terminology would be awesome! The search continues….

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