Why You Shouldn’t Click on the Naked Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence


This should be common sense but it’s not, so here is a great article (with NO links to the photos recently released of Jennifer or any of the other ALL FEMALE celebrities targeted in this situation) that I would advise EVERYONE take 5 minutes and read. Talk about this. Talk to your partner, your friends, your coworkers, your parents and siblings. Have this conversation. We are not entitled to view or share these pictures, PERIOD!

“The people sharing these images are perpetuating an ongoing assault. The people gleefully looking at them are witnessing and enjoying an ongoing assault. When you have been asked by victims of a crime like this not to exacerbate the pain of that crime and you continue to do so anyway, you are consciously deciding that your enjoyment, your rights and perhaps even just your curiosity are more important than the safety and dignity of the people you’re exploiting.”

HERE is the full piece


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