Hollywood Actresses on Double Standards and Sexism

A number of famous women sit down and discuss some of the treatment they’ve received from fans over the years. Mindy Kaling in particular is hilarious and amazing as always!

The Daily Show; #ChangeTheName

The Daily Show once again takes on the Washington NFL team and their decision to cling to a dictionary defined racial slur in the name of honouring Natives. (aka profit, it’s clear the organization does not give two hoots about Indigenous folks and our communities.)
Laughed out loud so hard, definitely worth a watch the whole way through!


A Mother Jailed For Assisting Daughter in Accessing Abortion

A mother from Washingtonville PA has been charged and sentenced to up to 18 months in jail for ordering medication online that would allow her daughter to receive an abortion.

““Her situation is very scary legally, because we are seeing the number of clinics dwindle,” Nash said. “If women don’t have access to abortion clinics, some will turn to the Internet, and then, will they be charged with a crime?””

ACCESS IS SO IMPORTANT! Information is so important! Support is essential!!

Read her story HERE

Can The Courts Force This Six Nations Child Back Into Chemo?

Some will remember this family in particular from a few months ago when they won their battle to treat their child with traditional medicines and practices and to forgo western chemo treatments at McMaster. Now they are facing another battle with courts, McMaster and CAS to return their daughter to chemo.

More details HERE