The Daily Show Wastes No Time Addressing Crisis in Ferguson

Once again, The Daily Show kills it

“forget that in Ferguson 94% of the police are white and 63% of the people are black
forget that 92% of police searches and that 86% of car stops are for black people
forget that the white municipal government finances nearly a quarter of it’s annual budget through the fines and penalties disporportionally leveled against the black portion of the population
forget that the history of this town includes this tasty nugget,
-News reporter speaking, showing image of three heavily armed police officers-
’52 year old man named Henry Davis said that four Ferguson police officers beat him, then charged him with damaging government property because his blood had gotten on the officers uniforms’
So let me get this straight, you guys got tanks, but you can’t keep a couple of tide sticks around? Because here’s, here’s the problem with everything that’s going on in this conversation. This isn’t all about just one man and killed in one town. It’s about how people of colour, no matter their socio-economic standing face obsticales in this country with surprising grace.”


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