Street Harassment

Such a gift for these womyn to share their stories of experiencing street harassment (and assault). One woman even wears a hidden camera to catch catcalling on film.
Her experience reminded me so much of my wedding day in NYC. After my makeup was done I had men yelling stuff at me the entire walk home. A man even followed me through a Bank of America to reiterate how pretty I looked. Normally I don’t get harassed too badly (what does that even mean? Not ‘too badly’? Like that’s normal, ugh!)
I can also relate to the assault. Hearing other womyn share their experiences certainly makes me feel less alone, but also fills me with such rage that on top of everything else, this is something womyn have to deal with everyday. Have to grow up learning to plan for our own safety. It’s not right. Teach our boys and men to respect a woman as a human being, not an object for consumption. Teach them to be allies when they see other men (or young teen boys, this is the worst) harassing womyn (or anyone based on a feminine gender representation) to say something!!

Watch the video HERE


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