“Skank Flanks” – Another Way To Disapprove of Womyn’s Bodies

What the everloving FUCK?!

I can relate to the authors point about not even considering lower back tattoos when I was younger because I didn’t want to deal with the judgmental ‘tramp stamp’ bs that came with one.
Fuck you! It’s my body and I’ll adorn it however the fuck I damn well please, thank you very much!!!


Benzine Poisoning

Ever heard of Benzene poisoning? Me neither, but Samsung and Apple have.

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat

This really struck a cord with me, I can relate so much. I can remember being barely 10 and watching a Richard Simmons informercial with my own mom and her ordering us each the food counter and video package, and I remember feeling relieved I would finally be thin and beautiful.
She never shamed (or praised) me for my ever fluctuating weight, but the way she viewed and treated herself absolutely helped shape my body image and relationship to food in a negative way.

Mom, you are beautiful