The Secrets of Food Marketing


What I really like about this video is it’s accessibility. There are many ways to walk this earth, but there is no reason, no justification for the mass abuse and slaughter of thousands of innocent, loving, caring animals who experience little to no quality of life. Whether or not you eat meat, factory farming is a disgusting, horrific practice that needs to and CAN be stopped! We have the power to make choices that effect others!

And to speak to her point about how WE are key to maintaining factory farming as it is, just look at how animals are marketed, first of all it’s ‘meat’, not ‘animal’ or ‘flesh’, and we don’t say ‘I’m picking up some pig for sunday breakfast’ we buy pork, or beef, or poultry.

I briefly checked out the website that posted the video, and from what I can see it seems pretty accessible and resourceful, and focus’ specifically on the issue of factory farming.


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