Like A Girl

Powerful video (from always, blah, but money equals access and opportunity so good for them for using that power in a good way I guess…)

What struck me most was the young womyn. What does run like a girl mean? It means run as fast as I can!

We are doing our beautiful children a disservice to feed into a culture that dehumanizes womyn, that directly effects each and every one of them.

“I do everything like a girl. I am a girl”



Moontime Power

Dear dummy on twitter

“Here in begins an anatomy lesson infused with feminist politics because I hate you”

To Prison for Poverty

This seems like a natural evolution for probation seeing as how privatizing prisons in the US has been going. Incredibly shameful. We should be paying attention to this! If you’ve never felt what it’s like to go to bed hungry, get ready. The ‘middle class’ is disappearing. Without action it’s only a matter of time…

prison for poverty

A Discussion on Power and Privilege

“Instead, we need to recognize that not all hurtful words or deeds are equal when certain ones are backed by a history and current system of domination, violence, oppression, repression, dehumanization, and degradation.”


Pharrell Wears a Headdress on Cover of Elle UK – Why His ‘Native Ancestry’ Is Irrelevant Here

“There’s no tribute in wearing the headdress on the cover of Elle UK, flanked by “The Secret Life of Keira Knightley” and “All Natural Hair: 23 Products to Try Now.” This is a spiritual item; on the cover of Elle UK it becomes secularized, trivialized, accessorized. Those who hold the headdress sacred might well say this is the opposite of a tribute.”

Pharrell Head Dress