What Happens When A Man is Abused in Public?

This is an interesting video I came across today showing the same scenario twice, only in one the man is abusing the woman, and in the other the woman is abusing the man. I am deeply saddened by the reactions. Turning a blind eye, while terrible, is what I expected to see. But laughing??
The statistic at the end of the video is from this source. While abuse of men is incredibly underreported and underacknowledged, I have a hard time believing the statistic that 40% of those suffering from domestic abuse are men. Although, if the methods of research to reach this number were actually inclusive and looked at all forms of abuse (not just physical, but emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, etc) I could see this number being closer to accurate. Men DO experience violence and abuse in many forms and I feel we all should, and I personally try, to serve as an ally to anyone and in any situation where space can be made for healing. Every survivor deserves for their voice to be heard.

That said, with example, after example of systemic, public, private, personal abuses of womyn for control and power, and especially after a week like the one we have just had with the mass shooting in Isla Vista DIRECTLY FUELED BY MISOGYNST HATE, and based out of my lived experiences and those of the people I’ve encountered, I have to say that the above statistic isn’t sitting quite well with me…http://www.trueactivist.com/this-is-what-happens-when-the-public-sees-a-woman-abusing-a-man/

31 Womyn Show Us The Right Way To Respond To Common Excuses for Rape

These are all amazing, and ALL true.

Some of my favorites are, “Why does alcohal excuse his actions but condemn mine?” and “Do I have the right to shove pizza down your throat just because you enjoy eating pizza?”



SURPRISE! We Eloped! (It’s Kind Of A Big Deal)

This week in New York something magical and completely enchanting happened. On an absolutely perfect May afternoon, in the most romantic enclave I’ve ever seen, beside shimmering waters and surrounded with love, I married my best friend. Nothing could falter the love we’ve built together and with each challenge that arises I find us growing closer and stronger. And now we’ve tenderly honored our love and commitment in an intimate ceremony, and legally cemented our partnership. I’ve never been more sure of anything than this. My sun and stars, and now my husband  I’m the luckiest girl in the world!!! 069 078 083 086 090 104 119 143 562