The Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Peaceful Students Will Receive $38,056 for Emotional Suffering


I am honestly in tears watching fellow students step in and literally COVER FELLOW PROTESTERS WITH THEIR OWN BODIES after they’ve been doused in pepper spray and are being physically dragged away from each other. While another officer actually squats down to get a better angle to douse the faces of students trying to cover themselves with their shoulders and sleeves (remember, all the students have linked arms, they are essentially defenseless to begin with…)

What were they protesting, you ask? Corporatism and STATE VIOLENCE.

Maybe you suffer emotionally because you feel guilt and regret over abusing your position of power and authority to unnecessarily (and unlawfully) physically harm a group of students?? Maybe you need to deal with the consequences of the choice YOU have made!

Full Video HERE




*edit** while I understand that some have opposing viewpoints on this situation and that this is the result of a situation escalating, and that by enclosing the police (who were enclosed around protesters they’d detained) LEGALLY certain force was warranted (although clearly not to this degree or this officer wouldn’t have been discharged from his position after 8 months paid leave during the investigation).
Here’s a novel idea, what if not all laws were just? What if ‘doing your job’ and upholding the law was actually inflicting pain and further oppression onto your community? These videos are startling, but this is where we are headed. The people will rise up and be heard!


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