Baby Showers Usually Lead with ‘It’s a Boy!’ or ‘It’s a Girl!’ Here’s why this is problematic

“We don’t determine narratives about our kids’ futures based on genetic information like eye color, so why do we create these narratives about their lives based on their sex chromosome? When we let go of the idea of what it means to be a girl or to be a boy, we allow our children to unleash their true selves and reach their full potential”

I cannot WAIT to be a parent one day. I’m so excited to be having these conversations with my niece and nephew already, they’re such smart little cookies! (Yes, I understand how even ‘niece’ and ‘nephew’ can be problematic but I’m picking my battles here) It’s going to be such an experience to parent a child with my partner someday. I hope they have my passion and my partners logic and patience.

Why do we gender our children since birth?


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