The ‘shocking’ Biggest Loser Finale not really Shocking at all

“it is not surprising to see that this has finally happened. Fredericksen took the game to its logical outcome. She played the game and she played it hard, and in doing so, she laid bare the show’s messed-up, disordered premises for all the world to see.”

Thoughts on the biggest loser (TBL) finale this year?
I will say, I’ve watched the show occasionally during previous seasons, and never had a feeling quite like that I had while watching Rachel’s weigh in. As someone who has battled with my weight all my life I did feel the ranch was motivational more than abusive, but this season has really left me a lot to reflect on. Especially how engrained fat shaming is into every facet of our lives. Much like with rape culture, Ive found myself in the past defending TBL. Despite mounds of evidence to the contrary readily available should I so choose to engage, I instead defended the hours long daily workouts, the food restrictions, the lack of concurrent counseling. Now is that something I’ve learned? Or is the truth that maybe reality is just too fucking much to handle sometimes so we try to rationalize all the horrible, destructive systems that uphold and glorify our abusers? I’m not excusing it. But I wonder how I can find inspiration from TBL when I’ve lived the experiences I have?


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