20140118-200404.jpgFinally took the plunge and started my half sleeve yesterday!

Adam and I have been planning to go for big projects for a couple years now, so we ‘banked’ our gifts to each other for the last two christmas’ and birthdays and HERE WE ARE!
My arm’s a little angry and swollen at the moment but I am SO EXCITED! I LOVE mine! It’s a femme pinup covered in tattoo sitting a blooming garden. Best part, so many rad Alice in Wonderland influences! Dande-LIONS, the tulips and bread and butterflies (’cause the bread and butterflies kiss the tulips) a black bow in her hair and even her cat Dina’s name in the heart on the pin ups arm! AH! I am so thrilled with this, it’s even better than I imagined!
And Adam’s, WOW! The starship Enterprise done in traditional style on his forearm with a banner reading ‘TBG’ (To Boldly Go) is SO SICK!
Lizzie from Speakeasy Toronto completely exceeded our expectations! We are both so proud to be able to wear such fucking rad work on us forever!
AND I HAVE THREE MORE SESSIONS!!! This piece is going to be INSANE when it’s finished!
Feeling SO GOOD today! 😀


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