Support the CraMberries!!

Support the CraMberries!!

Welcome to 2014 all you lovely folks!

This year I will be competing in the TRCC/MWAR’s annual BOWLATHON alongside some of my phenomenal AWCCA classmates to raise money for the centre. This is an incredibly important resource for womyn, by womyn in Toronto and a very worthy cause.
Our goal is to raise at least $1200, and also to surpass the fundraising of our AWCCA professor’s returning team!
Please show your support and help us keep the centre and all it’s incredible programs and supports running strong!

Any contribution at all is greatly appreciated, you can use debit or credit, and tax receipts are emailed automatically!

Thank you all so much for all of your ongoing support emotionally, mentally, physically and financially in my life friends. Your support continues to motivate me to push for change in our communities, I am so grateful!

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