Love Is…(Holy Shit, I Have Cancer)

Love Is…(Holy Shit, I Have Cancer)

This is a very touching letter a young woman named Elana wrote soon after discovering that she has stage 4 cancer. As someone who has had some experience with hospitals and illness, I began this read a little bit jaded. I thought, that truly is lovely that her friends and schoolmates in the medical community have each individually stepped up to assist in her treatment and recovery. It is, and I don’t want to take away from that. But I also thought what incredible privilege this woman has to know so many powerful folks in positions to help her, this is not the case or experience for all who are admitted to hospital, or who contract an illness.
By the end all of my analysis had scattered in the wind. This piece is more than one woman’s experience, bigger than just her battle. It’s a brave and thoughtful reflection of her circumstance and her life, and I find it inspiring that this is the outlook she chooses to have. She recognizes her power and embraces it, and I am in awe of her strength.

This particular paragraph rang especially true for me after my last hospitalization…

“Love is when such a tragic event has shown me how many people out there care about me deeply and hold me in their hearts, showing their concern through visits, phone calls, texts, emails, messages through family, and heartfelt gifts. Ignorantly, I hadn’t before realized this was true.” —WOW, spot on!


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