Canadian Top CEO’s Made An Average Canadian’s Annual Wages by January 2nd

By the end of lunch YESTERDAY Canada’s top CEO’s have already earned more than the average Canadian worker’s 2014 salary.
To put this in perspective, the ‘average Canadian worker’s yearly salary is $46,634. I HAVE NEVER EARNED THIS MUCH ANNUALLY IN MY LIFE! The year before I went back to school I had just crept past $35,000 in 2012.

It is not enough to raise minimum wage (although that’s a good start) WE MUST INSTATE A MAXIMUM PAGE!

“This amounts to the country’s top 100 highest-paid CEOs making 171 times the earnings of an average Canadian wage — a jump from 105 times in 1998.”

…and when these companies go bankrupt, will it be the Canadian taxpayers who they turn to to bail them out? FACK


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