A Light That Never Comes

“When I was young they told me, they said
Make your bed, you lie in that bed
A king can only reign ’til instead
There comes that day, it’s “off with his head”

And I told them: nah you don’t know me
Lightning above and a fire below me
You cannot catch me, you cannot hold me
You cannot stop much less control me

Night gets darkest right before dawn
What doesn’t kill you makes you more strong
And I’ve been waiting for it so long”


Rhymes for Young Ghouls Opening in Toronto

Rhymes for Young Ghouls Opening in Toronto

My partner and I just snagged two tickets to the show! I’m SO excited! We had tickets to see this film when ImagiNATIVE came through the city in the fall but I ended up in the hospital on the night of the screening so you can imagine how elated I was to hear we would have a second chance to check it out!
C’mon out on Friday if you’re available! Yonge and Dundas Square Cineplex, with a Q&A after the screening 🙂

Campaign to Raise Awareness of Violence Against Native Women

A resource by and for community.
“Survivors Stories” and “Native Love”

Violence against indigenous women and communities resource

Bow Down Macklemore

“Not to mention the benevolent homophobia inherent in the assertion that queer people only deserve rights because we’re ‘just like’ straight people, rather than by virtue of our humanity.”

Very articulate piece, something to think about

bow down Macklemore

Research Finds Number of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada is Higher Than Previously Thought

“The number of missing and murdered women in Canada may be much higher than previously believed, new research shows, giving hope to families seeking answers about their loved ones the new figures will spark fresh action from the RCMP….research has resulted in a database of missing or dead Canadian women, 824 of whom are identified as aboriginal.”

We’ve been saying all along…

Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women, toping 800…