Cry for Hester

Reason #134 why I have the best bestie; this year for the holidays as gifts to each other we decided to have a word association scavenger hunt! The list we brainstormed together has 16 words on it, which would normally be a breeze for crafty cuties such as ourselves, but the catch was we only have a budget of $50 total for everything. The idea is that this would challenge our creativity and encourage us to repurpose items whenever possible. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m excited to exchange all our gifts soon, which brings me to this post today!

One of our words was ‘cry’. Like so many other words on our list ‘cry’ can be interpreted in a number of ways, but I want to focus on the happy cry! I find that crying is seen as a negative thing, a sign of weakness, but it’s not. Crying can be healing and beautiful, and shows both vulnerability and strength. I truly consider taking a moment to cry, to really feel, is a form of self care.

So my gift to you, young mama, is all about the happy cry! You have so many incredible things going on in your wonderful life, and I hope you take the time out every day to laugh if only for a second  no matter how hard things seem or what challenges you face. The way you spend the time you’re given can enrich the quality of your life. Try to take some time out for yourself. Do anything, whether goin’ for a rip or smelling the roses, whatever takes care of your spirit. This world is amazingly beautiful if you remember to take a moment to appreciate the little things.
I hope you know how much I love you. You can always make me laugh even when I’m at my lowest, largely because we have the same brilliant comedic timing! ZING!
The universe decided long ago that we would be friends forever, since no parents could ever have handled us as sisters! No matter what has happened in our lives we have always been pulled together and I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to grow as womyn individually and as a powerful dynamic duo. You really are my sister by choice, and bffaeae! (best-friend-forever-and-ever-and-ever!) And one day we’ll be old and senile, and then we can be new friends again! (This time comes sooner for some than others!)
Because you are smart, and funny, and creative, and caring, and thoughtful, and passionate (and, and, and) I’m so lucky to laugh and learn and grow with you along for the ride friend! Merry Christmas ’14 Hester Bean! ❤


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