Charlie Hill Departs to the Spirit World

Haudenosaune/Cree actor Charlie Hill passed away early yesterday (Monday) morning following a lengthy battle with lymphoma. He was 62. May he have a safe journey to the spirit world.
Please enjoy some of the comedy and humour that made Charlie such a shining star.


via Kim Crosby …

via Kim Crosby on fb

“Students of color are allowed to enter the classroom but never on an equal footing. When they walk in, they are subject to the same racial stereotypes and expectations that exist in the larger society. Students of color do not have the advantage of walking into a classroom as individuals; they walk in as black, brown, [yellow,] or red persons with all the connotations such racialization raises in the classroom. They do not walk into a classroom where the curriculum embraces their histories. They walk into a classroom where their histories and cultures are distorted, where they feel confused about their own identities, vulnerabilities, and oppressions. There is no level of liberal reforms that can alter these experiences for students of color without directly challenging the larger systems in society.”

— Critical Race Theory Matters: Education and Ideologywith Margaret Zamudio, Caskey Russell, Francisco Rios & Jacquelyn Bridgeman.

Silent Bob Speaks: If You Like My Stuff, Then You Like Women

Silent Bob Speaks: If You Like My Stuff, Then You Like Women

This holiday season Maggie Serota penned a short piece on the films that will be purged from Netflix this coming January 1st, and her list included Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Long story short, Kevin Smith playfully comments on the piece (!) and it sparks a full out troll attack. This is Mr.Smith’s reaction. Awesome. Merry Happy!

Innocent Man Forcibly Searched After Rolling Through A Stop Sign

Innocent Man Forcibly Searched After Rolling Through A Stop Sign


“While stopped, Eckert was required to exit the vehicle by police officers intent on searching his car. Police claimed that a dog told them that Eckert’s seat smelled like narcotics and claimed that his butt cheeks appeared to be clenched.

Eager to get an arrest, police conspired to search Eckert’s anus for contraband. They took him into custody and got a judge to stamp out a search warrant for Eckert’s intestines.”

Even after being refused at a local hospital, 14 hours later Mr. Eckert’s rights and body have been severely violated. How does something like this happen? And of course, absolutely nothing found in his possession. And to add insult to injury the joke of a medical institution that facilitated this atrocity is now charging him $6000 in medical bills for this assault and they are threatening him with collections if HE doesn’t pay. What can we do about this? What can be done to support this man and others who experience similar abuses?