YES! I’m filled with such a wonderful awe hearing all of the beautiful backlash to the characterizations associated with selfies lately. What a celebration of beauty!

This is a piece from colorlines about #FeministSelfie taking over twitter;(http://colorlines.com/archives/2013/11/this_piece_about_the_radical_politics_of_selfies_is_pretty_great.html)

and some inspirational and wise musings from the always phenomenal Kim Crosby;

“I wish all our #selfies could be in galleries that were reflective of greater diversity, although not great enough because most people don’t have phones around the world. But i would adore to walk through galleries of the world’s faces taken by each individual to capture when they felt that they looked their best. As opposed to always being fed images crafted in someone else’s manufactured one dimension of ‘beautiful’, ‘attractive’ and ‘valuable’. Although still fed by the corporate sponsored media, self portraits remain my favourite kind of portrait as it retains the fullest agency of the subject (whether or not the subject has the ‘physical ability’ based in an inherently ableist corporate technological framework is besides the point). I am most interested in media made when the subjects have as much control as is possible over their representation and imaging. The Mona Lisa would be far more interesting to me if she painted it damn herself.”



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