Both sides by Jonina Kirton

Both sides by Jonina Kirton

“the drumbeat of my heart knows the truth
when you speak of those white folks — it is one
when they speak of ‘you indians’ — it is one”


3 thoughts on “Both sides by Jonina Kirton

  1. Thank you for posting my poem. Too bad there is a typo in the book where it says “hear” instead of “heart”. I never noticed that til now. Regardless, I am so honoured that you would post this. ~ All my relations ~ Jonina

  2. I am so happy to hear that it resonated with you Brittany. I loved being a part of that anthology.

    I am a fairly new writer so I am delighted to have just signed a publishing contract with Talon Books. My first collection of poetry (with a few prose pieces) titled “page as bone – ink as blood” will be released in the Fall of 2015. It is largely autobiographical so there are a number of pieces that speak to my heritage. My next book will be about my ancestry searches which have revealed so much to me about just how much my family must have tried to hide their Native blood and yet they had so much to be proud of.

    My own journey of self-discovery has been long and sometimes difficult but always rewarding. As I reclaim each piece of myself through the stories of my ancestors I feel stronger and stronger. Many blessings to you as you negotiate this terrain. ~ All my relations ~ Jonina

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